Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

Sang-Hee Park February 26, 2016

I've never watched a Star Wars movie. My relationship with the sci-fi saga was akin to one with the popular kid who's never in your classes -- they're recognizable, but not familiar enough to be particularly...

Hollywood Should Be the Ones Saying "I can do that"

Abrah O. Katzman February 25, 2016

Diversity is something that Hollywood and record companies have been trying to institutionalize for quite some time now. There have been some strides in this, from black artists like Beyoncé winning...

CAPA Students Question Racial Validity Of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" Musical

CAPA Students Question Racial Validity Of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" Musical

Emily Chen February 25, 2016

As America continues to progress in its liberality, racial advocating has also come to make a greater appearance in today’s society. Through the manifestation of current events, minority groups strive...

Radnorite Staff Picked Music for January 2016

Radnorite Staff Picked Music for January 2016

Manny Unger January 30, 2016

Throughout my almost eighteen years, I have played five instruments (six if you include the recorder in third grade), and I was absolutely terrible at every one. Despite my lack of musical ability, I have...

Feeding the Community with Empty Bowls

January 26, 2016

When members of Radnor's UMatter teamed up with art teacher Tracey Dean to help strike out hunger, they had no idea how quickly the school community would embrace their efforts. RHS students and faculty...

Hamilton Review

Grace Constable January 26, 2016

    The brand new and highly revered show, Hamilton, combines musical elements of the modern age with a storyline that takes viewers back to the early days of our country in a highly innovative, awe-inspiring...

I am in Awe

Mariah Maynard January 26, 2016

I am in awe Of the way wind Breezes Swirls Touches The trees and shapes their leaves And causes the flowers to dance To its wonderful rhythm and flow Of the way snow Falls Drops Descends Down...

Illuminae Review

Clare Donaher January 26, 2016

        This month, the Radnorite focuses on mental health. Many studies have shown that reading can be a way to decrease your stress and keep your mind sharp. Illuminae is an easy-to-read story that...

A Feeling Of Great Determination: An Undertale Review

A Feeling Of Great Determination: An Undertale Review

Sang-Hee Park November 25, 2015

For years, the gaming industry would only find success in big-name titles - huge corporations such as Nintendo had no problem making and selling popular games. Nowadays, however, the biggest cultural phenomenon...

Poem of the Month

Cal Doughan October 27, 2015

Waiting at the End of the World Perched on the railing I sing an old three dog night song To myself, and anyone close enough to hear The cicadas buzz Soft white snow. An airplane rumbles in low...

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