RHS Seniors: What’s Next?

The following is a list of the 2016 graduating class of Radnor High School students. This year the Radnorite chose to employ an opt-in system for its senior list, so as not to force any students to have any unwanted information published. Subsequently, exclusion from this list should not be in any way indicative of any senior’s achievement. They may not have submitted their form in time or simply not wanted to be a part of this list. We hope you are as proud of our graduating seniors and all of their accomplishments as we are. Congratulations to the class of 2016!

Josh Anderson – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Nikki Barish – University of Delaware

Max Barish – Ithaca College

Rosemary Barnhart – Boston College

Bram Baumstein – West Chester University

Catherine Begier – Bucknell University

Deniz Beken – Temple University

Johnny Benardino – Temple University

Zoey Benson – University of Pittsburgh

Ryan Borowski – The University of Scranton

Morganne Boulden – Gap year

Leshya Bracaglia – New York University

Colin Bradley – Lafayette College

Chloe Brunner – The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Abby Bucco – Fordham University

Alexandra Buckley – University of Rhode Island

Claudia Buckley – Temple University

Caitlin Bullock – Cabrini College

Brad Burton – Colgate University

Elena Burton – University of Delaware

Rachel Byrd – Kutztown University

Yi Cai – Otis College of Art and Design

Rod Castro – Amherst College

Maura Carey – Wagner College

Daniel Carlston – Tufts University

Hadley Chance – College of Charleston

Kyra Chandler – University of Delaware

Olivia Chase – Bucknell University

Nisa Chaudri – Temple University (Fox School of Business)

Connie Chen – Georgetown University

Steven Chen – Swarthmore College

Stephen Ching – Temple University

Sehyun Cho – Temple University

Andrew Ciatto – University of Pennsylvania

Peter Civitella Jr. – Saint Joseph’s University

Noah Clapp – Syracuse University

Andrew Cleek – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Jimmy Coben – University of Miami

Jordan Coleman – University of Pittsburgh

Dan Connolly – Syracuse University

John Benedict Collins – Miami University

Claire Cooke – Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Julia Condran – Virginia Tech

Martin Connor – Boston College

Miranda Console – West Chester University

Olivia Cooper – Washington and Lee University

Niah Cox-Lane – University of Delaware

Bridget Cuff – West Chester University

Brandon Curtis – West Chester University

Morgan D’Ambra – University of Texas, Dallas

Henry Dardaris – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Joseph Dardel – McGill University

Amanda Davis – Boston College

Emily DiMarcantonio – Palm Beach Atlantic University

Nicholas Dell’Orco – University of Pittsburgh

Justin DiCarlo – Washington University in St. Louis

Mark DiGiovanni – Temple University

Taira Dinh

Spencer Dodge – Temple University

Billy Donahue – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Cal Doughan – American University

John Dougherty – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Tom Dougherty – Temple University

Madeline Dugan – University of Delaware

Benton Duncan – Queen’s University

Alexa Ellis – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Shawn Ellis – James Madison University

Anna Faigenbaum – University of Colorado Boulder

Dario Falcon – University of Richmond

Jamel Fares – Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine Campus)

Taylor Feinman – Pennsylvania State University (University Park Campus)

Bo Fischer – Bard College

Wayne Flores – Saint Joseph’s University

Tom Forte – Army ROTC at Dickinson College

Jacob Friedman – University of Southern California

Alex Fukuchi – Boston University

Aaron Fuller – West Chester University

Emily Games – Tufts University

Emma Gardiner – Boston University

Gianna Gasbarra – University of Pittsburgh

Byron Gaspard – Temple University

Justin Gaspard – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Stephen Giannella – Villanova University

Oscar Glassman – Colorado College

Elizabeth Gordon – Syracuse University

Liam Gorman – University of Delaware

Wallis Grant – Dickinson College

Morgan Gryga – University of Southern California

Yunyun Gu – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kerry Hamill – Tulane University

Kristin Hamill – Franklin and Marshall College

Sean Hanrahan – Temple University (Fox School of Business)

Sophia Harmelin – University of Florida

Drew Harrington – University of Richmond

Bronson Heath – University of Central Florida

Myles Heath – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Lauren Hemcher – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Niko Henry – James Madison University

Alexandra Hilberts – Wake Forest University

Alex Hino – University of Richmond

Jake Honesty – University of Maryland

Lila Howard – University of Pittsburgh

Brandon Howell

Katherine Hung – Harvard University

Cameron Ittner – University of Pennsylvania

Christiane Johnston – University of Toronto

Luke Jones – University of Miami

Robert Jordan – West Chester University

Ryan Kalan – Drexel University

Jessica Katz – University of Pennsylvania

Omeir Khan – Tufts University

Renée Khouri – Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College

Andrew Kim – Bowdoin College

Eusung Kim – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Chloe Korzekwa – Trinity College Dublin

Ethan Kripke – Harvard University

Minwoo Kwak – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Josie Larkin – Tulane University

Ethan Lee – Washington University in St. Louis

Alice Lehr – Pennsylvania State University

Tara Lewandowski – University of Miami

Michael Li – California Institute of Technology

Sydney Liberman – Uniersity of Michigan

Jephrey Liu – New York University

Gabriel Lopez – West Chester University

Abby Lord – University of Richmond

Cassidy Lorenz – Temple University

Kirsten MacCormick – Colorado State

Trainor Macrone – Rutgers University

Gracie Mendel – Eastern University

Riley Mandel

Cassandra Maz – University of Pittsburgh

Erin McCone

Bobby McGrane – University of Notre Dame

Megan McGrath – Smith College

Luke McMaster – West Virginia University

Meghan McNicholas – Pennsylvania State University, Schreyer Honors College

Fernando Melani

Frankie Mendenhall – Syracuse University

Hunter Meyers-Emery – United States Marine Corps

Matt Michniewicz – Thaddeus Stevens College

Mackenzie Miles – University of Western Ontario

Tabitha Min – University of Colorado Boulder

Henry Minning – Drexel University

Daniela Andrea Minetti – Pennsylvania State University (Abington)

Griffin Monaghan – University of Pittsburgh

Jenna Movsowitz – The Johns Hopkins University

Sam Moya

Olivia Myer – University of Pennsylvania

Ryder Nance – Bucknell University

Adam Neiberg – University of Colorado Boulder

Quoc Nguyen

Emily North – Syracuse University

Will Northington – University of Oregon

Andie Oates – Northeastern University

Noah Offenkrantz – Washington University in St. Louis

Yoorim Oh – Drexel University

Henry Ohlin – Ohio University

Sara Osman – Auburn University

Patrick O’Sullivan – West Chester University

Eren Ozer – University of Pennsylvania

Alexandria M. Pahides – James Madison University

Catherine M. Pahides – Undecided

Luis Palacios – University of California Los Angeles

Emily Paller – West Chester University

Karishma Pattni – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Zach Pepper – Loyola University Marlyand

Grant Plotkin – The New School (NYC)

Layna Podolsky – Lafayette College

Jake Polaha – Gap year

Joey Pomeroy – University of Cincinnati

Rosemarie Posauner – University of Pittsburgh

Fallon Quinn – Columbia University

Katie Quinn – The George Washington University

Ciania Ransom – Cabrini College

Michael Reddy – West Chester University

Delia Reilly – University of Pittsburgh

Nico Reh – Bard College

Megan Reid – University of Pittsburgh

Caroline Ressler – Cornell University

Ann Reynolds – University of Miami

Isabela Rosario – Upper Merion School District

Alec Rosenberg – Berklee College of Music

Cassandra Rosin – Muhlenberg College

Filipe Santos

Paige Sarkisian – West Chester University

Matthew Schaefer – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Caroline Scheinfeld – Drexel University

Patrick Scheri – Pennsylvania State University (University Park)

Emmy Sharrett

William Sheehan – Syracuse University

Josh Simpson – University of Miami

Catherine Singer – Temple University

Megan Sitlinger – University of Pittsburgh

Connor Smith – Hampden-Sydney College

Claire Solomon – College of William and Mary

Katie Sparango – Villanova University

James Speranza – Amherst College

Caroline Springob – Duquesne University

Morgan Stanley – University of Alabama

Tim Stavrakos – Penn State University (University Park)

Emmy Steele – Wagner College

Caroline Tadduni – Saint Joseph’s University

Samantha Talucci – Rollins College

Michael Tang – Northeastern University

Josh Taylor – University of Miami

Lin Tian – Kutztown University

Alex Tewksbury – Dartmouth College

Adam Thomson – Davidson College

Anna Kate Thompson – University of Mississippi

Connor Treadway – Miami University

Manny Unger – Wesleyan University

Collin Vastine – University of Pittsburgh

Mathieu de Vinck

Nicole Vitt – Rollins College

Julia Vollmer – University of South Carolina

Katie Wakiyama – Elon University

Brynn Walker – University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill

Kayci Walker – Cabrini College

Nick Walker-Drennan – University of North Carolina (Wilmington)

Kat Ward – Rochester Institute of Technology

Josh Weller

Dinushi Wickramasinghe – University of Pittsburgh

Liam Williams – Temple University

Connor Wilson – University of Dayton

Jack Wilson – University of Maryland (College Park)

Chris Winnick – College of Charleston

Colin Wlodkowski – Dickinson College

Elizabeth Geena Woo – Brown University

Moses Woode – Temple University

Norah Xiong – University of Pittsburgh

Nanako Yaguchi – International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan)

Stephen Yip – Temple University

Liam Young – University of Rochester

Ryan Young – Georgetown University

Charlie Younger

Judy Zhang – Carnegie Mellon University

Justin Ziegler – Georgia Institute of Technology