The Radish’s Top 5 RHS Alternate Bell Schedules


Sarah Tachau

Monday marked the annual return of Radnor’s beloved Keystone Bell Schedule. Though often praised as the administration’s finest work, this alternate schedule is one of many, and the Radish is here to rank the top 5. 

5. First Day of School Alternate Bell Schedule

As a senior, I have experienced this one a few times and thus rank it the lowest with utmost confidence. I love my homeroom, I really do, but not enough to spend all day there. 


  • Can make paper airplanes with all the forms you get
  • My homeroom has swivel chairs


  • Stuck with the same people for three hours
  • Paper is bad for the environment
  • I’m a morning person so going to school at noon throws me off schedule
  • Spending all day in a swivel chair can make you dizzy

4. Reverse Evacuation/ Fire Drill Schedule


  • Walking gets the blood flowing
  • Time to practice my reverse evacuation skills
  • There is always the possibility of a spontaneous hurricane forming on Radnor’s first ever field day


  • Just because the students at Radnor are notoriously slow walkers, doesn’t mean we need 40 minutes for a fire drill
  • Reverse evacuation practice is of no use when we all walk inside at a snail’s pace
  • I always forget my jacket on fire drill day
  • They never schedule the drill during math class

3. Day before Winter Break

Though not an alternate schedule, the day before winter break is unique enough to earn a spot on this list.


  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching Elf in physics last year
  • Better chance of getting away with fake excuses on your early dismissal note
  • Only day when you can say “see you next year” in eighth period


  • Wish they would set aside time for holiday parties like they did in elementary school
  • Math teachers don’t really get the no-work memo

2. LM Pep Rally Alternate Schedule


  • 26-minute classes promote quick, efficient learning
  • Lunch is at brunch time. Everybody loves brunch.
  • Only alternate schedule that has a corresponding dress code
  • Alternate schedule post says “Go Radnor, Beat LM” on it, nice local touch


  • No time allotted for face-painting, easy solution would be to shave an extra ten minutes off each class

1. Keystone Testing Bell Schedule

As expected, the Keystone Bell Schedule is superior to all other alternate bell schedules, and should be implemented permanently.


  • Mixed up periods are fun and fresh
  • Nice to know the underclassmen are suffering through testing while I’m sitting in a swivel chair
  • Timing of the periods is slightly off, keeps you on your toes
  • The graphic design skills in that schedule post are exceptional
  • Blessed with a whole week and a day of alternate schedules