Trendy Throwbacks: Looking Back on America’s Greatest Trends

William Meyer and Sofie Jubelirer December 23, 2020

Every year, certain popular trends always blow up and  create a large and connected community. From rubix cubes to TikTok, millions of people become obsessed with these trends to the point that some people...

The Twitch DMCA Controversy: Copyright in a Digital World

The Twitch DMCA Controversy: Copyright in a Digital World

Kyle Wang December 22, 2020

Twitch is a streaming platform on which any creator can freely stream video-game content for viewers of all different interests. While its main niche is video games, Twitch “streamers” can broadcast...

Harry Styles: Dismantling Toxic Masculinity One Dress at a Time

Harry Styles: Dismantling Toxic Masculinity One Dress at a Time

Anna Conen, Zoe Margolies December 22, 2020

If you are not a crazy Harry Styles fan, then you may not have heard the big news: the “Adore You” singer is going to be on the cover of Vogue. Although we have seen male celebrities on the cover before,...


The Concierge

Sofie Jubelirer December 14, 2020

Chapter One: I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping on my bed table. It was 5:30 AM, the sun was not up yet, but the fog had already crept around the hills of New Hampshire. The rest of my...

2020 Billboard Music Awards Recap

2020 Billboard Music Awards Recap

Anna Conen and Zoe Margolies October 19, 2020

For those of you who don’t know, the 2020 Billboard Music Awards happened this past Wednesday. While it may be fun to watch these award ceremonies, sometimes it is not worth it considering the large...

Quick Bites: Top 10 Food TV Shows

Quick Bites: Top 10 Food TV Shows

Noah Conen May 15, 2020

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, Caro- I mean Noah here. As you might know, due to Coronavirus, us Radnorians are left with quite an abundance of free time. Personally, my theory about the origin of...

Radnor High School Presents: Les Misérables Vive la Révolution

Radnor High School Presents: Les Misérables “Vive la Révolution”

Anjali Engstrom March 4, 2020

Les Misérables first took to Broadway’s stage in 1986, giving the theater world one of its most iconic shows to date. The plot, while very confusing, boils down to these main points: Escaped prisoner...

Radnor Actors Workshops You Cant Take It with You is A Spicy Must-See

Radnor Actors Workshop’s “You Can’t Take It with You” is A Spicy Must-See

Janie McRae November 20, 2019
Janie McRae can attest that that the Fall Play, You Can’t Take It With You, is the greatest piece of theatre to ever exist. Jam-packed with Russians, romance, fireworks and snakes, the show makes for an exciting, and dare I say ~ spicy ~ work of art. For those who are questioning whether or not income tax is real or are thinking about becoming a communist, this play is a must-see. 
A New Generation of Heroes, A New Generation of Tolerance

A New Generation of Heroes, A New Generation of Tolerance

Debby Armstrong, Radnor Beats Associate Editor October 22, 2019

Seven million people each year wind through the cobblestone streets of Rome to enter the pantheon. The circular temple boasts a 360 degree view of statues of ancient Roman deities with a dome ceiling and...

The Sun Sets on the Class of 2019

The Sun Sets on the Class of 2019

June 14, 2019

Using his DJI Spark Drone, Chapin Lenthall-Cleary captures a sunset over Villanova as the 2018-2019 school year comes to an end.

Captain Marvel: A (Spoiler-Free) Review

Captain Marvel: A (Spoiler-Free) Review

Joshua Jones March 22, 2019

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel has set itself up to be a landmark film.  Not only does the movie directly precede April’s Avengers: Endgame, a promising triumphant finale to ten years of build...

Remembering Stan Lee

Remembering Stan Lee

Debby Armstrong December 12, 2018
Debby Armstrong remembers Stan Lee whose comic books and characters serve as both role models and entertainment to many generations. Sparking a graphic novel empire and multi-million dollar movie franchise, his Marvel Universe and techniques pushed the boundaries of books, cinema, and society.

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Worth the Buy?

Christopher Glanzmann December 12, 2018
In a pre-holiday review, Christopher Glanzmann goes through all of the modes of the game (Multiplayer, Zombies, Blackout, and Specialist HQ) for a more comprehensive explanation of Black Ops 4 and its positive and negative elements.
Photo by Anne Griffin

Harry Potter and The Corporate Franchise

Anne Griffin, Associate Editor November 20, 2018
Anne Griffin reviews the newest movie in the Harry Potter franchise, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. While the original films and books set the bar high, true fans such as Griffin can find a nostalgic experience through watching this film.

The Angel of Television: Fred Rogers

Anya Chan November 16, 2018
Anya Chan reflects on the career of Fred Rogers and the documentary about him, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor.” She discusses the courage he displayed to talk with children about pressing issues, ones that are typically reserved for adult conversations and examines the influence his positive outlook can have on today’s society.
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