In Drug Dogs III, Ben Chanson and Nick Camposano discuss whether or not the school has “the right to conduct mass sweeps of student effects? Are the rights of students violated, even if they forfeit some of their assumed privacies when on campus?”

Estelle Atkinson

Trump won on the ignorance and blind trust of his voters, their acceptance of his vague ideas. It’s as if they would be fine be ruled by Big Brother, if they don’t mind the things Trump says. Our ignorance is his strength.

John Hydrisko and Victoria Vale

As two members of Radnor’s student body, we call on the District to reopen a more inclusive discussion on the drug dog program before the School Board votes on a contract with Interquest Detection Canines in May.

I cannot know what will be said about these hundreds of thousands of protesters. I do not even know if I should count myself as one of them. I agree with the platform of the Women’s March. I share political opinions with much of these people. I’m here in solidarity with all of them.