Vacant Spots in Empty Lots: Radnors Ongoing Problem

Vacant Spots in Empty Lots: Radnor’s Ongoing Problem

Jacob Farhy February 28, 2023

During what has been an otherwise untroubled school year at Radnor High School, one looming dilemma continues to stay afloat. The issue of where students are permitted to park has long plagued the administration...

The Importance of Preserving Music Education

The Importance of Preserving Music Education

David Marshall, Radnor Beat Editor February 22, 2023

Earlier in the year, I was in a meeting between the band student leadership team and the adult band leaders. Among the many topics discussed were the lack of new people participating in band and ways to...

Books Dont Belong Behind Bars

Books Don’t Belong Behind Bars

Sammy Rosin December 14, 2022

As the hub of the school, students stream in and out of the RHS library all day, in groups or alone, but always feeling welcomed. Any RHS student can tell you about the warm ambience of this space filled...

Published report of abuse in U.S. Women’s Soccer reflects a common systemic failure in society

Published report of abuse in U.S. Women’s Soccer reflects a common systemic failure in society

Gaby Heberling, Staff Writer October 28, 2022

Recently, the New York Times published a report detailing the systemic issue of abuse in women’s soccer. After a year long investigation, the published report reveals the sexual misconduct, verbal abuse,...

Protestors at the Philadelphia Bans Off Our Bodies march in October 2021. Photograph by Sammy Rosin

Don’t take abortion in Pennsylvania for granted

Sammy Rosin, Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2022

“While nothing has changed since the Supreme Court decision, everything could change very quickly here in Pennsylvania. We are not a secure state,” Dr. Alhambra Frarey, a physician at Penn Medicine...

I experienced censorship, now I fear for our democracy.

I experienced censorship, now I fear for our democracy.

Sammy Rosin May 18, 2022

Experiencing censorship means waging a war between your own personal beliefs and the threats and intimidation of others. When you are censored, it places you in a challenging and emotionally taxing position,...

Graphic by Eleanor Adams

The Dilemma of Mental Health Awarness

Caitlin Hickey March 8, 2022

After an anxiety-inducing week at Radnor High School due to midterm exams, there could not have been a better time for the school to host a Speak Up Event. Especially during the “Covid-Era,” it is...

The eight Ivy League universities in the US. These universities, as well as other hyper-selective schools, are some of the most prestigious schools in the world and are the most sought after schools in upper-class circles.

Your college is not your worth

Ian Sun February 25, 2022

I'm sure many of us were told that we should go to a "great" college. That we should fill our school schedules with APs and our evenings with extracurriculars. That we should excel in academics, get near-perfect...


The Destructive Art of Gerrymandering

Tegan Kelsall, Guest Writer December 21, 2021

Our nation was founded upon the principle that government is of the people, by the people, for the people. The way this is possible is by giving every citizen the right to vote. Seems simple right? But...

Some examples of the “devious lick” trend on TikTok compiled in a YouTube video.

Preventing Vandalism Trends Requires More Than Simply Disciplining Participants

Ian Sun, Opinions Editor December 14, 2021

Most of us who own a smartphone use social media: Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, you name it. It’s a platform to connect with people across the globe, post and share stories about what’s happening,...

Covers of books in Barnes and Noble’s Diverse Editions, starring reworks of classical works where the lead characters are non-white, proposed in February 2020. Diverse Editions was criticized for Blackface and simply repurposing classical works written by white authors rather than featuring works by authors of color, and was ultimately not published. 

When representation isn’t enough

Ian Sun, Opinions Section Editor November 11, 2021

Since the racial justice protests of last year, many believe that representation has taken a great leap forward. After all, a movie and a TV show featuring stellar minority representation were released...


The Case Against Smartphones

Gaby Heberling, Guest Writer November 9, 2021

When at dinner, many children sit, glued to their screens, avoiding conversation with their parents. Just this past August, at the beach, a couple sat next to my family at the Lobster House and complimented...

Image from the New York Times

“Tax the Rich” Good Slogan for a Dress?

Parnia Nasrullah, Staff Writer October 28, 2021

The Met Gala is an annual event everyone anticipates. It is not only a place for fans to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrities but also an opportunity for expression through fashion, as celebrities...

Protesters raise their fists in solidarity, promising to fight for women’s rights, especially the right to choose if they need to have an abortion.

Pictures of Resistance: Philadelphia’s Bans Off Our Bodies March

Sammy Rosin October 7, 2021

A crowd of nearly 1,000 people gathered at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 to protest legislative efforts across the country to restrict women’s access to safe and legal...

District Calendar — September 16th was a day off for students due to the Jewish high holiday, Yom Kippur

“There is No ‘I’ in ‘Team’,” but There is in “Optional”: Are Optional Sports Practices on Holidays Acceptable?

Sarah Tachau, Radish Associate Editor October 5, 2021

What does the word “optional” mean? Consider the context, say your math teacher hands out optional extra credit to improve scores on a test everyone failed. Any given student in this scenario is offered...

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