John Sutherby and Lauren Yang
The Radnor community faces some big decisions in a couple of months. Shifting the school start times will require a great amount of work, but isn’t that a fair trade for lower risks of depression, obesity and car accidents?

Lena Armstrong and Emilija Sagaityte
In its “Radnor Places” series, The Radnorite will seek to investigate and present the unique history and sentiment of Radnor Township neighborhoods lying discreetly in our own backyards. In this article, they take on Highland Avenue.

Emilija Sagaityte
Earlier this year, students walked into the library one morning only to be confronted by four bulky computers, two on each side of the entrance, and by library personnel asking them to type in their student ID numbers in order to sign-in.

Lauren Schulman
There’s a thing about high school: it always comes to an end. We all constantly worry about what to do after we take our last steps into young adulthood when really, there is nothing to worry about. To put the seniors, juniors, and underclassmen at ease, I sought out some graduated seniors from the classes of 2016- 2017.

Neal Chan
This past week former principal Mark Schellenger made a quick visit to Radnor from his home in Florida. He agreed to do a quick interview with me about his experience with the severe Hurricane Irma that wrought devastation over Florida last month.