Flight Test
Story by CJ Dribble and Matthew Durlofsky; art by Mira Caplan

Flight Test

CJ Drobile, Matthew Durlofsky, and Mira Caplan March 22, 2023

Timothy the bee had always known that his kind and the students of Radnor High School had a longstanding battle for control over the invaluable cafeteria courtyard. But as his hour of reckoning bears...

The dashboard of ChatGPT’s beta version, as ChatGPT answers question 3 of a past AP Language FRQ, as of January 2023.

ChatGPT: A Menace to Educators, or a Valuable Teaching Tool?

Ian Sun March 15, 2023

Imagine a robot that can write an essay for you, or a computer program that can do all your shopping lists, plan your day, or an AI that you can chat with anytime, anywhere, like a human. Yet this technology...

Thank You For All That You Do!

Thank You For All That You Do!

Caitlin Roeltgen March 10, 2023

On February 21, there was a Radnor School Board meeting at Radnor High School. On the agenda; recognition of the School Board members.  January was school board appreciation month, and at the February...

The Study Guide on Studying

The Study Guide on Studying

Caitlin Roeltgen, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

“Did anyone make a quizlet?” is a question you’ve probably heard before. Quizlet is one popular way to study, but there are numerous other methods. These methods typically vary from person to person,...

The Importance of Preserving Music Education

The Importance of Preserving Music Education

David Marshall, Radnor Beat Editor February 22, 2023

Earlier in the year, I was in a meeting between the band student leadership team and the adult band leaders. Among the many topics discussed were the lack of new people participating in band and ways to...

Original graphic by Chayse Hevesi

Radnor Develops New Counseling Model to Support Students

Chayse Hevesi February 3, 2023

Beginning in late 2021, the Radnor High School administration undertook a major project: the College and Career Readiness Study. As the pandemic exposed the suffering mental health of students, the guidance...

Credit: Meredith Gelles

Portraits of a Home Fundraiser

Meredith Gelles February 1, 2023

On December 1, members of Radnor High School’s Art Club were assigned homes to create portraits for the club’s annual Portraits of a Home fundraiser for the Bethesda Project.  These homes were...

Gabys grandfather in the pizzeria.

Coming to Garrett Hill in Radnor: Exit 13

Gaby Heberling January 25, 2023

This spring, a new restaurant is coming to Garrett Hill: “Exit 13.” This restaurant isn't just any normal restaurant, though. The history behind “Exit 13” depicts a symbolic American success story...

Radnor students attending PMEA music festival

Radnor students attending PMEA music festival

Niva Menon, Guest Writer January 4, 2023

Each year, Radnor High School musicians participate in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) Music Festival. Students partake in a high level of competition to hopefully  secure a place...

Im absolutely in awe of our awesome teachers costumes! Ms. Console took us way back to elementary school with her on-spot outfit of the lovely Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. I am absolutely in love with her pretty planet dress, and she was so committed that she brought her lizard! On the topic of commitment, Ms. Katz defines this word with her beard. Ms. Katz is dressed up as Forrest Gump, her favorite movie. The color combinations of the characters are on-point. Major shoutout to our amazing LM sponsors for a great rally!

Outfits of the Week: LM Edition

Zoe Margolies December 8, 2022

After a brief hiatus, I am  pleased to say that the Outfit of the Week section is back, starting with a wrap up of an awesome LM day: Character/Celebrity day! Despite the lack of participation, this day...

Walking to Defeat ALS

Walking to Defeat ALS

Chayse Hevesi November 28, 2022

On Saturday, November 19th, hundreds of people attended the 2022 Philadelphia ‘Walk to Defeat ALS’ event at Citizens Bank Park. After being postponed due to the World Series, the walk was a massive...

Jeezum crow! It’s almost time for Almost, Maine!

Jeezum crow! It’s almost time for Almost, Maine!

Quinn O'Donovan and Caitlin Roeltgen November 16, 2022

Every fall, Radnor Actors Workshop puts on a play here at Radnor High School. Last year, they performed Clue. This year, the play is the charming Almost, Maine, written by John Cariani, which tells 9 different...

RTSD Communications

Introducing RHS Homecoming Court 2022

Edy MacKenzie, Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2022

Last month, members of the Senior class voted for their 2022 Homecoming Court. Congratulations to Amelia Dole, Meghan Dole, Sabina Eraso, Lauren Kelley, Ella Sule, Ryan Brennan, Sam Hilbert, Michael McNicholas,...

Radnorite Mini Crossword #8

Radnorite Mini Crossword #8

Eleanor Adams and The CrossBoard October 17, 2022

We're back! The CrossBoard is proud to present the first installment of the Radnorite Mini Crossword for the 2022-23. Two weeks until LM. You can do this. Best of luck, crossers!

Old copies of the Radnorite located in the RHS Library Archives Room.

The business of saving local news

Edy MacKenzie, Editor-in-Chief October 14, 2022

Waiting in the Radnor Memorial Library, early for a meeting, I noticed my position right next to the wall of various laminated newspapers and magazines. Looking up at the display, with only two local papers...

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