Teachers and Staff of Radnor, Thank you

Teachers and Staff of Radnor, Thank you

Finn Ryan June 15, 2021

It was one of those Friday afternoons when the school bell seemed to taunt you and the anticipation swallowed you whole.  I was sitting in my First-Grade class and my teacher, Mrs. Natow was reviewing...

RTSD school board members voting to adjourn the May 11th Board Meeting

Where Does the Mascot Go From Here?

Sammy Rosin May 26, 2021

The Radnor mascot has generated a lot of  discussion since the summer of 2020, leading to countless school board meetings, a walkout, and hours of public comment. Although the school board originally...

Through the Eyes of a Musician

Through the Eyes of a Musician

Finn Ryan May 23, 2021

Mu·sic.  /ˈmyo͞ozik/.  An arrangement of melody and rhythm that, when composed, produces an experience and expression of sound.  A cornerstone of culture, music has woven itself through virtually...

Why Students Walked Out on Monday (and Why They Didn’t)

Why Students Walked Out on Monday (and Why They Didn’t)

Eleanor Adams April 30, 2021

On Monday at 9:55 AM, a group of students walked out of class to protest the removal of the “Raider” name. This walkout comes after a lengthy struggle that advocated for this removal, beginning with...


Break or Fake? The Harsh Reality

Elena Chang and William Meyer April 21, 2021

Breaks from school have been the only opportunity for students to finally relax and enjoy their time away from the bleak screens glaring for over 6 hours and school days spent wearing suffocating masks...


How Safe Do Radnor Students Feel in School?

Ellie Davis April 8, 2021

As of March 22nd, all Radnor High School Students who opted-in to the Phase-One model have been attending in-person school every day. After months of only seeing half of their classmates with the every-other-day...

Image from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Radnor Education, We Can Do Better

Sammy Rosin March 12, 2021

What is the purpose of school? I have grappled with this question over the past few years of my high school career, wondering why we spend seven hours every weekday in these institutions. As an elementary...

A visual created by Campus Outreach Services.

Senior Seminar: Sexual Assault, Consent, and Healthy Relationships

Anne Griffin, Editor in Chief March 8, 2021

On February 25, seniors attended a seminar on healthy relationships and sexual assault presented by Katie Koestner and Travis Marshall of Campus Outreach, sharing personal stories and real-life scenarios....

Image of Dr. MacNamara

Interview with the New Assistant Principal

Eleanor Adams, Arts Associate Editor December 1, 2020

On the Tuesday morning that we met, I was very anxious about my first ever interview and did not hide this fact well. As soon as I walked into our new assistant principal’s office, I set down my phone,...

Online vs. Hybrid School

Online vs. Hybrid School

William Meyer and Parnia Nasrullah November 10, 2020

Hybrid School Hi Radnor! I’m Parnia Nasrullah and, so far this school year, I have been participating in the hybrid in-person schedule. Despite the pandemic, I still chose to go hybrid because I was...

Photo by Ellie Davis

A Look Inside the Radnor Police Department

Ellie Davis, Associate Editor November 5, 2020

The American, Pennsylvanian, and POW-MIA flags fly high over the Radnor Township Municipal Building. In the North wing, opposite from where the School Board and Board of Commissioners meet, the Radnor...

Presenting the 2020 Homecoming Court

Presenting the 2020 Homecoming Court

Anne Griffin, Editor-in-Chief October 30, 2020

On Tuesday, Radnor High School announced its 2020 Homecoming Court! Congratulations to Chloe Hannum, Josie Darrach, Sheila Esgro, Tori DiCarlo, Ali Bauer, Jesse Conen, Edouard Egger, Brendan Hung, Garrett...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and RHS’s Pink Out!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and RHS’s Pink Out!

William Meyer October 23, 2020

This October marks breast cancer awareness month, which sheds light upon the chronic disease that affects millions of people every day. Here at Radnor, we are spreading awareness about breast cancer through...

The Complete List of Clubs and Activities at Radnor High School 2020

The Complete List of Clubs and Activities at Radnor High School 2020

William Meyer October 19, 2020

On October 15th, 2020, the virtual Radnor High School Activities Fair was held. If you have any thoughts about joining any clubs or activities, you can look through the list below which is broken down...

National Coming Out Day: A Celebration of Community

National Coming Out Day: A Celebration of Community

This Sunday, October 11, marks the observance of National Coming Out Day, when LGBTQ people across the country pause to remember the somber history of the community and celebrate the significance of personal...

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