Mohen has been a Radish (and Radnorite) graphic designer and comic strip author since the summer of 2019. His work includes the Radish’s logo  and the Radnorite's logo. Although Mohen has only written 1/4 of a article for the Radish (and the Radnorite), he is very proud of his status as the holder of the very prestigious title “Least Articles Written”. Outside the Radish (and the Radnorite), Mohen plays on the Radnor High School Boys Soccer team and also participates in Model United Nations. Some of his interests include graphic design and vacuum cleaners. If you have any questions about vacuum cleaners, please feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].

Mohen Li, The Radish Associate Editor

Oct 21, 2019
Trump’s Message To Erdogan Found To Be Just One In An Extensive Collection of Self-Published Letters (Story)
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Mohen Li