2021 New Year’s Resolutions 


Artwork by Mohen Li

Sammy Rosin, Currents Associate Editor

Every year when January first comes around, we have the opportunity to make resolutions aimed at self-improvement. Here is my list for 2021:

  1. Wear pants that have a waist and are not pajamas
  2. Wear pants in general
  3. Remove day-old food from my teeth (since I won’t have a mask to hide it)
  4. Admire other people’s orthodontic work up close and in person
  5. Put on deodorant 7 days a week instead of just on my cohort days.
  6. Wake up more than 5 minutes before school (actually nah, there’s no harm in this)
  7. Show more appreciation for toilet paper
  8. Never use Zoom again
  9. Drive farther than 10 minutes away
  10. Blow my nose in public
  11. Cough without feeling embarrassed
  12. Spend less than 24 hours at a time with my family (although I do love them)
  13. Find a movie I HAVEN’T already watched and watch it inside with someone other than my brothers
  14. Stop using masks as an excuse for pretending not to recognize people in the hallway
  15. Do that strange thing where you encircle another human being with your arms

Happy New Year and have a great 2021!