An Avoidable Failure

Ben Chanenson November 16, 2018
Ben Chanenson laments the administration's handling of yesterday's early dismissal.

Veterans Day: Hearing Voices of our Past

Sylvain Falquet November 12, 2018
For Veterans Day, Sylvain Falquet calls attention to the Radnor alum who served in World War I. He talks in particular about the stories of two veterans Wack and Cornacchio: "Stories like these bring the lives of our veterans from 100 years ago a little closer to our own."
LM Week

LM Week

Lena Armstrong November 2, 2018
Every year Radnor High School has an LM Week in anticipation of the Radnor vs. Lower Merion football game filled with hallway decorating, themed outfits, a bonfire, a large pep rally, and, of course, the football game. Lena Armstrong describes LM Week, while Ava Blumer provides the photos.
Grubbin with the Boys: Take-Out Pizza

Grubbin’ with the Boys: Take-Out Pizza

Noah Conen October 31, 2018
In this month’s edition of the Radnorite’s newest column, Grubbin’ with the Boys, Noah Conen determines once and for all the best pizza on the Mainline. Pizzas from seven of locations were judged based on four components: “crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni.” See where your favourite pizza place is ranked by “the most sophisticated palettes at Radnor High School.”

Are We More Than Just Rich Kids?

October 25, 2018
Abigail Lenhard and Morgan Wisehart Panaritis calls out three schools in particular: Haddonfield, Lower Merion, and Radnor. She claims that all three student bodies consist of people who will grow up to be like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The comparison to Kavanaugh depicts all of us as spoiled elitist children who never face consequences for our actions.
Radnor Senior Assassin Year Two: First Blood

Radnor Senior Assassin Year Two: First Blood

Abigail Lenhard June 15, 2018
Abigail Lenhard For this year’s round of Senior Assassin, spearheaded by commissioners Jack Bell and Kate O’Sullivan, there were 150 seniors playing for the chance to win roughly $1,500.

Senior Issue

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief June 13, 2018
The Class of 2018 will officially say goodbye to Radnor High School on Wednesday evening, and this article is part of the senior edition of The Radnorite. 134 out of 268 seniors shared their post-graduation plans with us. Congratulations Class of 2018!

A Conversation with Dr. Glenny

Neal Chan June 5, 2018
Neal Chan I left Dr. Glenny’s room with a greater appreciation for this approach towards music and detail. It was refreshing and enlightening to have a casual conversation with a teacher outside of class and not pertaining to school—at times we students forget that there are stories and histories behind the teachers we see forty minutes a day.
Embattled State Senator Daylin Leach Gave a Presentation on Government to Radnor High School Students Last Thursday

Embattled State Senator Daylin Leach Gave a Presentation on Government to Radnor High School Students Last Thursday

Ben Chanenson and Sebastian Bryant June 5, 2018
Ben Chanenson and Sebastian Bryant On February 24th, Daylin Leach ended his campaign for Congress amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Last Thursday, May 31st, he was at Radnor High School to talk about government with Radnor students.

Achievements in Band

Nazim Duran April 30, 2018
Nazim Duran In April, Radnor High School earned several awards in the fields of music and dance.  

An Interview With Township Commissioner Richard Booker

Estelle Atkinson and Morgan Wisehart April 23, 2018
Estelle Atkinson and Morgan Wisehart The primary focus of this interview was addressing Mr. Booker’s email to Radnor High School Principal Dan Bechtold and Superintendent Ken Batchelor, published in an article by Main Line journalist Linda Stein in the Delco Times, in which Mr. Booker expressed his concerns over administration's handling of the walkout at Radnor High School.
Invasion of the Ping Pong Balls: Are You Next?

Invasion of the Ping Pong Balls: Are You Next?

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2018
Emilija Sagaityte Over the past few days leading up to Tuesday, April 17, 17 students, mostly seniors, were surprised, irritated, and downright confused to find ping pong balls in their mailboxes or around their doorsteps with no explanation and no context.
March 14th: A Firsthand Account

March 14th: A Firsthand Account

Audrey Margolies April 6, 2018
Audrey Margolies The teacher is in the middle of explaining our assignment when 9:54 turns to 9:55 on the clock positioned on the wall above his head.

Fortnite Fever

Ben Chanenson March 20, 2018
Ben Chanenson The flu season may have passed, but Radnor is in the grips of an epidemic of its own: Fortnite Fever. Although numerous games have captured the attention of Radnor students in the past, no game has ever found such sustained success.

The Sleep Chronicles Part II: Benefits of Sleeping In

John Sutherby and Lauren Yang March 12, 2018
John Sutherby and Lauren Yang Most of the people who have done research on the topic of school start times have concluded that starting school later is better.
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