No Simp September


Tess Brennan

We are amidst No Simp September, a month-long challenge created by the boys of Tik Tok. (The challenge is composed of guys making a game out of who can last the longest without complimenting, messaging, or supporting a girl.) This past summer, somewhat of a war started between boys and girls as the number of trends based around offending one another skyrocketed, one of the trends being #KAM, or kill all men. This statement struck a nerve with some of the boys which resulted in the increase of the number of “dishwasher” and “back to the kitchen” retorts, quite original and definitely not overused. Although the hashtag was actually started to express the frustration of girls who had had enough of male harassment, it became a way that men could justify the details of No Simp September. 

The Tik Tok trend that sparked the idea of No Simp September was created in honor of Will Smith. Once word had gotten out that Jada Smith had cheated on Will, the boys of Tik Tok came up with the best way to show their support for Will. What better way to stand up for Will Smith than to make a bunch of random, unsuspecting girls cry in his honor? Obviously Will Smith saw every video that each genius boy posted and responded with a surplus of thank yous and praise. Will Smith, who is openly a feminist, just loved having random boys make a game out of who could make the most girls cry, because doing so would add a positive turn to his situation. So after the rush of that trend, No Simp September came to be. 

Now that the month of September is upon us, the only thing left to do is prepare or at least be informed on what to expect. But first, to address a common question surrounding the title of the righteous holiday. Specifically, the word simp. To the majority of adults, the word simp is an informal word defined as “a silly or foolish person.” But to the innovative Gen Z, the word has come to have a completely different meaning. When looking at the most reliable site, Urban Dictionary, varying definitions can be found, the most basic, and appropriate, definition being: a guy who is overly nice to girls, usually for his own benefit. To a guy, being called a simp has become an insult, although for girls it’s confusing as to why boys are punishing each other for being kind to women. Nonetheless, as long as No Simp September encourages silence from incels, there really are no complaints on the girls’ side.

Upon reading the definition of simp, if you are now worried that you yourself might be one, do not fret, simply take the simp test. Put a finger down if… you’ve ever complimented a girl, chosen to hang out with a girl over your friends, done a girls homework for her, got nervous around a girl, tried to be extra funny and loud just because there was a girl in the room, gone on a date with a girl, had a crush on a girl, or, the worst one, treated a girl with human decency and respect. If you put a finger down for even one of these questions, you are in fact a simp.

Are you a “nice” guy that complains that no girls ever like you but jumps to insulting a girl when she won’t date you? If yes, this is the month for you. Time to get back on that high horse king and show all those girls what they’re missing. And how can you do this you may ask, well it’s quite simple. If you are a boy looking to take back your power, here are the rules for No Simp September. Under no circumstances should you compliment a girl, obviously do not cancel plans with the boys to talk to a girl, do not like or comment any Instagram post with a girl in it, or if you are feeling extra bold, start talking to multiple girls at one time with the intent of tearing down their self-esteem and eventually letting them know that you have been cheating on all of them.

And if you are a girl, please enjoy a month free of being catcalled or bothered by simply ignoring snapchats or texts from the “funny” guys that think screaming in class is the ultimate peak of comedy. (Furthermore, hopefully, word of No Simp September will reach my boss’ husband so that I will get a break from him asking me out for drinks because I’m running out of ways to politely say no. And if the trend reaches older men in general, I won’t have to deal with random men grabbing my waist or hear the all too appealing, “If only I was twenty years younger I’d be asking you out.” They always seem to forget that knocking off twenty years still makes them at least fifty, so either way it is illegal.) That being said, to all the boys out there, I am sure that once you lose the attention of girls during No Simp September, it will only make November that much easier for you.