“I party hardest at my hungriest;” Radnor students rave over the social aspect of B lunch

“I party hardest at my hungriest;” Radnor students rave over the social aspect of B lunch

Chayse Hevesi

After years of standing a lonesome six feet apart, Radnor High School students are beyond appreciative for the close-contact socialization they get during B lunch. “Waiting in line feels like one big hug from the entire study body,” comments one junior, “I think I finally get the spirit of ‘we are ONE Radnor.’”

Numerous individuals have reported making new friends during the densely crowded B lunch. One sophomore claimed she was “always happy to stand in line for 45 minutes. Just yesterday, I met my soul sister!” Another student credited the lunch line for making him an extrovert.

As proven by renowned Harvard neuroscience professor Dr. David Hall, we’re always friendlier when we’re hungry,“We are 116% more open to chit-chatting when our stomachs are empty than when we’re well fed. In fact, hunger pangs activate millions of neurons in the friendliness regions of our brains.” 

Lunch B further benefits the health of the student body by exposing us to a wide variety of antibodies. In the first RTSD health report of the school year, 37 new viruses made an appearance, including: chicken pox, pneumonia, and a subtle trace of the bubonic plague. From breaking students out of their shell to offering natural disease protection, this mid-day socialization break truly enhances the school community.

It’s hard to imagine a more clever bunch than those who managed the scheduling for this year. A member of RHS administration spoke out about their genius choices, saying “It was our goal to give all RHS students a chance to make friends, to fill their empty social lives before their growling stomachs. With Radnor pride, I can say that we have accomplished this mission.”

For now, the administration faces a new challenge; combating the raves that occur during B Lunch. Following years of little peer interaction, students have been aching for some good mosh-pit action. Dancing? Yes. Blaring music? Yes. Disco ball? How could they not? And what better time to celebrate than during B lunch?

“I love B lunch,” said a senior boy we found in the midst of a coughing fit in the cafeteria, while the tune “Low” by Flo Rida boomed in the background. “After all, I party hardest at my hungriest.”