An Avoidable Failure

Ben Chanenson November 16, 2018

Yesterday, the threat of snow and freezing rain led to schools around the Main Line closing early.  Lower Merion High School dismissed students at 11:40 am. Conestoga High School followed at 11:45, while...

Veterans Day: Hearing Voices of our Past

Sylvain Falquet November 12, 2018

Annually, November 11th is Veterans Day in the United States. On this day, we honor veterans from all wars, along with current members of the armed forces, for their service to our country. At Radnor High...

LM Week

LM Week

Lena Armstrong November 2, 2018

Radnor and Lower Merion have had the longest running continuous public high school rivalry in the nation—122 years and counting. Every year Radnor High School has an LM Week in anticipation of the Radnor...

Grubbin with the Boys: Take-Out Pizza

Grubbin’ with the Boys: Take-Out Pizza

Noah Conen October 31, 2018

When you’re walking around town, you may be craving one of a few things. Maybe you are in the mood for one of the Main Line girl hangouts such as Honeygrow or Playa Bowls, or zesty Mexican at Pipeline...

Are We More Than Just Rich Kids?

October 25, 2018

Earlier this month, an article was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled “From Kavanaugh to the Main Line, rich teens are coasting by with zero brakes. ” In this article, columnist Maria...

Radnor Senior Assassin Year Two: First Blood

Radnor Senior Assassin Year Two: First Blood

Abigail Lenhard June 15, 2018

For this year’s round of Senior Assassin, spearheaded by commissioners Jack Bell and Kate O’Sullivan, there were 150 seniors playing for the chance to win roughly $1,500. There were four rounds, the...

Senior Issue

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief June 13, 2018

The Class of 2018 will officially say goodbye to Radnor High School on Wednesday evening, and this article is part of the senior edition of The Radnorite, which is meant to honor and congratulate the graduating...

A Conversation with Dr. Glenny

Neal Chan June 5, 2018

One Tuesday after school in May, I entered Dr. Glenny’s choir room. He was just finishing up demonstrating a music theory concept to a student, singing the notes while playing the piano. Afterwards,...

Embattled State Senator Daylin Leach Gave a Presentation on Government to Radnor High School Students Last Thursday

Embattled State Senator Daylin Leach Gave a Presentation on Government to Radnor High School Students Last Thursday

Ben Chanenson and Sebastian Bryant June 5, 2018

On February 24th, Daylin Leach ended his campaign for Congress amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Last Thursday, May 31st, he was at Radnor High School to talk about government with Radnor students....

Achievements in Band

Nazim Duran April 30, 2018

In April, Radnor High School earned several awards in the fields of music and dance.   The Radnor High School concert band competed at the Festivals of Music in Boston on April 7th.  The band goes to...

An Interview With Township Commissioner Richard Booker

Estelle Atkinson and Morgan Wisehart April 23, 2018

Friday marked the nineteenth anniversary of the Columbine shooting, which left twelve young students and one of their teachers dead. The continuation of school shootings into the twenty first century...

Invasion of the Ping Pong Balls: Are You Next?

Invasion of the Ping Pong Balls: Are You Next?

Emilija Sagaityte, Former Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2018

To Radnor seniors, spring is the time for traditions: prom, teary-eyed graduation, adrenalized senior assassin, and the senior prank, which in past years has ranged from simulating a bull run through the...

March 14th: A Firsthand Account

March 14th: A Firsthand Account

Audrey Margolies April 6, 2018

The teacher is in the middle of explaining our assignment when 9:54 turns to 9:55 on the clock positioned on the wall above his head. “I think we are supposed to leave,” one student interrupts quietly,...

Fortnite Fever

Ben Chanenson March 20, 2018

BRYN MAWR—The flu season may have passed, but Radnor is in the grips of an epidemic of its own: Fortnite Fever. Although numerous games have captured the attention of Radnor students in the past, no...

The Sleep Chronicles Part II: Benefits of Sleeping In

John Sutherby and Lauren Yang March 12, 2018

Most of the people who have done research on the topic of school start times have concluded that starting school later is better. However, there are still many preconceived notions spread among those less...

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